Cases of interest: These islands want to change countries in Europe

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The Orkney Islands, located north of Scotland, are looking for a different form of governance to strengthen their Nordic connection. The archipelago, now part of the United Kingdom, is studying ways to merge with Norway, seeking governance more in line with its culture and geography.

With close historical and cultural ties to Scandinavia, the Orkney Islands were controlled by Norway and Denmark until 1472, when they became available to Scotland. Now, Orkney Council, chaired by James Stockon, is submitting a motion to the Archipelago Council to explore possible “other forms of governance”.

One of the options being explored is to follow the example of the Faroe Islands, which successfully became an independent territory from Denmark. Another possibility is for the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man to become dependents of the British Crown.

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The main objective of this search for new management is to ensure fair treatment and adequate funding for the Orkney Islands in the UK. According to Stocken, the islands are not receiving the support they need and it is necessary to explore alternatives that can boost their growth.

With a rich history and unparalleled natural beauty, the Orkney Islands still have the power to stand out. Strengthening Nordic connectivity is an opportunity for recognition and support for the archipelago.

The Scottish Government is to invest millions of pounds in the Orkney Islands to boost essential services

The Orkney Islands, located in Scotland, will receive substantial investment from the Scottish Government in the coming years. Orkney Islands Council will benefit from £89.7 million to fund essential services in 2023-2024, according to an official statement. In addition, a 10% increase in local tax will provide an additional £4.6m.

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The news comes after the Orkney Islands Council voted in 2017 to assess the possibility of achieving greater autonomy for the archipelago. Although they expressed a desire to have a “more active voice”, the Orkney Islanders did not fully support full independence.

With its stunning castles, archaeological treasures and incredible landscapes, infused with a rich Viking cultural heritage, the Orkney Islands are a little-known destination for many Brazilians. However, with this significant investment from the Scottish Government, the archipelago is expected to gain prominence as a must-see destination for travelers seeking unique adventure and beauty.

Brazilians who wish to explore the wonders of the Orkney Islands will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique experience discovering the history and culture of this enchanting place.

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