Currency? Putin accused the West of leading a “financial pyramid”.

“ADespite all the difficulties at the international level, I am confident that we will reach a consensus. “During the III International Financial Security Olympiad, we should not limit ourselves to the countries that lead this financial pyramid,” he noted.

Putin considered this behavior “understandable” because it involved the currencies of these countries, in an indirect reference to the United States and the dollar, which still dominates international trade, but said the situation was “not consistent with current interests.” The bulk of mankind”.

The Russian head of state emphasized that the volume of payments between different states is increasing in national currencies.

The Kremlin leader also felt that the world was gradually moving away from “the dictatorship of individual countries trying to impose their economic slavery on others.”

“The world is gradually moving away from the tyranny of that financial and economic model, whose sole purpose is to get into debt, subjugate, turn into economic colonies and deprive entire regions of the world of resources for development,” he said.

Putin felt that some would prefer a future governed by these rules.

“Thus, the process of creating a more democratic, fair and just, multilateral world order for the majority of humanity is inevitable and historically necessary,” he asserted.

The Russian President explained that modern technologies offer new opportunities to the business community and allow the state to create and support public and financial institutions that reflect the new reality of a multilateral world and create more convenient and secure international payment systems.

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