A year after Mahza Amini. Young Iranian woman in coma following “assaults” by “morality police”.

According to the organization HenggaoBased in Norway, Sunday morning Armita GaravantOriginally from the city of Kermanshah in the west of the country and living in Tehran. At “Shoda” station in the capital’s metro, she was physically assaulted by the authorities for allegedly disrespecting the mandatory use of “hijab”.

The 16-year-old girl was seriously injured and taken to the Air Force Hospital, “Fajr”, where she is currently under strict security measures, where “visits are not allowed, not even her family,” explains the Henggao NGO. , in a statement released this Tuesday.

on Monday, Official Iranian News Agency and several state mediaQuoting Tehran Metro officials, A 16-year-old girl reportedly collapsed on Sunday due to low blood pressure in a tunnel guarded by members of the Iranian government, which has formally denied any physical attack on Armita Garavant.

According to the agency France PressMetro’s general director Masood Dorosti denied there was any “verbal or physical aggression” between “and passengers or metro staff”.

The Armita Karwand incident immediately went viral, due to the sharing of a video on social media of what some believe was a young Iranian woman, accompanied by friends and apparently without a veil, being pushed into a subway by female members of the “morality police”. . ”.

Meanwhile, the daily’s Iranian journalist Maryam Lotfi Shark The man, who went to the hospital to prepare a report, was immediately detained by the authorities, only to be released hours after the incident had already been reported.

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The reaction of the young woman’s family

According to a British newspaper Guardian, Official Government News Agency – distance – Armita released an interview with Karavand’s parents in which they claim she was not assaulted. “We have checked all the videos and the incident has been proved to be an accident. We request people to pray for our daughter’s recovery,” the teenager’s father said in an interview.

The family, who remained silent, gave an interview In the presence of Iranian officials from the hospital where she is hospitalized, about the health of the young woman. According to the information released by the non-governmental organization Henggao In social network.

Similarities with Mahsa Amini

Definitions of this case, Based on the circumstances, the hospital is under strict surveillance and barred from receiving visitors. Recognizing the solidarity surrounding Mahza Amini’s death has raised concerns among the public who fear the same fate for Armita Garavant.

Young Iranian Kurd Mahza Amini dies A year ago he was detained by Iranian authorities and in police custody For allegedly violating the strict dress code imposed on women in Iran, for failing to follow the mandatory Islamic veil in public.

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Although Amini’s family said the young woman died from a blow to the head, authorities denied such a charge and the Iranian Forensic Institute confirmed that the death was not caused by aggression, but by a brain problem.

The controversial death of Mahza Amini last year sparked strong protests in Iran. Mainly in big cities, But as the months went by, the resistance lost steam due to brutal repression by the Iranian police. According to human rights organization Iran Human Rights (IHR), More than 550 protestors died during this demonstration.


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