At 25, Brigitte admits all about controversial start of her relationship with teenager Emmanuel Macron – World

Brigitte Macron He made a rare revelation about the way How did you begin your relationship with Emmanuel Macron?He is a minor and she is almost 25 years older.

Brigitte was Emmanuel’s drama teacher and they were 35 and 15 years old respectively when they met. When the parents of the current French president discovered this relationship, they sent the young man to Paris, where he was to continue his studies, and he was not yet 18 when he vowed to marry Brigitte.

“There was a confusion in my head, at the time of my father’s death, I was caught in an inner whirlwind. For me, such a young guy, this is unacceptable. Emmanuel had to go to Paris. I told myself he was going to fall in love with someone his age. It didn’t happen,” the French first lady said in the interview.Paris match‘.

The only obstacle was my children. It took me a while to not ruin their lives. It lasted for ten years and it took time to get them on the right track. You can imagine what they heard, but I didn’t want to lose my life. “I don’t know how my parents, who were examples of reliability and education, would have viewed our marriage,” he continued.

Brigitte married André-Louis Assier, a bank employee two years her senior, with whom she had three children, Sébastien, Laurence and Define. The former couple ended their marriage in the mid-1990s, but the divorce was only signed in 2006, exactly a year before the former teacher married Emmanuel Macron.

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Since then, there have been 16 years of marriage, marked by union. The French president does not hide his admiration for his wife Brigitte, in turn, in this interview he revealed that he waits for his husband to have dinner together – often this happens at 10 or 11 at night.

“In the twenty-seven years I’ve known him, there hasn’t been a day that he hasn’t surprised me. I have never seen such visual and auditory memory. This intellectual storage capacity. I had many bright students, none of whom had his talents. I have always admired her,” he praised the First Lady.

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