Interview with RTP. Magistrate Antonio Clooney defends internal reflection in public ministry

“I think that internal reflection is always welcome and should have been established as an operational method long ago, especially as processes become increasingly complex, more relevant from a social and political point of view.It’s like this, so an internal reflection that will later translate into collective learning is obviously necessary,” announced Magistrate Antonio Clooney in an interview with RTP3 this Monday night.

The former president of the Union of Magistrates of the Public Ministry considered internal reflection to be “useful” for magistrates and the institution, and argued that it should be done on both successful and unsuccessful cases. Teach how it was done and if good results were obtained and why others did not, often the reasons are not the same, often the answers must be different.

Antonio Clooney acknowledged the failures of the Public Ministry during the Operation Influencer investigation and admitted that these could compromise the image of the judicial institution. He said it was necessary to review how the transcription of the wiretaps was carried out, despite ignoring its relevance to the success of the investigation.

The judge preferred not to comment on the silence of the Attorney General of the Republic because he is a “hierarchical official” but For further clarification, Lucilia said there was “nothing to criticize” about Gago’s trip to Belem. At an inquiry held on the day of the Prime Minister’s resignation, he opined that such a thing was necessary on the grounds of “interdependence (…) and unity of powers”.

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“I think it’s perfectly normal (…) that the Attorney General of the Republic had a need or desire to communicate with the President and perhaps the Prime Minister (…) exactly what was going on. extreme reflex”Clooney said.

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