Anti-vaccine protests forced the Canadian prime minister’s family to leave home

The Efe News Agency reports that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have been moved from an official residence to an undisclosed location due to fears over anti-vaccine struggles for Govt-19.

According to the CBC, a Canadian broadcaster quoted by a Spanish agency, Justin Trudeau’s family was evacuated to a safe place in the capital, Ottawa, by Canadian security services.

Even though the protests have so far been peaceful, Canadian security forces fear that extremist elements known as the “Free Train” could provoke violent action.

Among the posters carried by protesters gathering in front of the Canadian Parliament building were some obscene and violent messages addressed to the Prime Minister.

Some reports suggest that the political leader of the Liberal Party (center / center-left) should be “hanged” for imposing measures to control the Govt-19 epidemic.

On Thursday, a parliamentary security official warned that some protesters had asked the public for information about the home addresses of some politicians, so he recommended that Canadian delegates move to safer areas in the coming days.

The strike began earlier this week by truck drivers who oppose Canada and the United States’ decision to vaccinate workers across the border to avoid 14 days of isolation.

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, a group that coordinates truck drivers’ associations, the move only affects about 15% of truck drivers who have not yet been vaccinated.

In recent days, however, groups opposing other public health measures adopted by Canadian authorities, ranging from “Govt Passports” to controlling the public in businesses, have joined a series of trucks traveling across Canada from west to Ottawa (east). .

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The internet campaign to fund the protest has already received eight million Canadian dollars (approximately 5.6 million euros), but CBC’s investigation has revealed that at least a third of the donations are anonymous and sometimes from other countries.

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