The bridge collapsed in the city where Biden was presenting the infrastructure project

Several people were injured this Friday when a snow-covered road bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where US President Joe Biden was presenting the country’s major infrastructure plans.

According to photos posted on social media, several drivers and vehicles, including a passenger bus, were stranded at the scene.

Three of the injured were taken to hospital, the second largest in the state of Pennsylvania (eastern) after Philadelphia, according to the city’s emergency services.

At least a dozen people were injured, local newspapers reported.

However, Biden was notified that the bridge had collapsed, and White House spokesman Jen Psi promised that the US president would stick to the agenda despite the incident.

According to a plan released by the White House this Friday afternoon, Biden will deliver a speech on the strategy developed to “strengthen the country’s supply chains, revitalize the industry, create well-paying jobs protected by the unions, and create a new America.” , Through the Infrastructure Act “, supported by Democrats and Republicans.

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