Theresa May’s tough question to Johnson: “The prime minister thought the rules were wrong, otherwise they would not apply to him. What is the matter?”

Sue Gray’s report has been released, but is in an incomplete version. Until the London Metropolitan Police completes an investigation into the 12 meetings, events and banquets held at the British Prime Minister’s official residence and government headquarters, Gray will not be able to release the maximum number of rules they may have violated. He discovered. But here is a remarkable detail: Police, known only as the “Med”, revealed this Monday what they had collected 300 pictures and 500 page documents About the parties on Donwing Street.

The next step is to contact these individuals, who may be fined. “We are now trying to confirm the identities of the people we need to contact as soon as possible. We need to review the items we have collected from government offices containing more than 300 photos and 500 pages of information, ”the police wrote in a statement.

Johnson may have been one of those to be contacted, but as can be seen from the conversation between the Prime Minister and Labor MP Jesse Phillips, Boris Johnson did not want to publicly admit that he was at a party at his apartment. To the member that this question deserves a judicial inquiry.

Sue Gray faces criticism from The Med for asking her to refuse to present her entire findings. In the same statement that specified the quantity of material under analysis, he stated that “the reason for the necessity of this request is that any investigative agency should collect reports from as many persons as possible and that these are supported as impartially as possible, without implication, for example, by third party memorabilia”. In addition, Met always provides details of its investigations. Avoids, thus, saying that “interrogated persons are not inclined to shape their stories according to what is in the public domain.”

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Important Date: November 13th

After revealing some of the findings of the report, Boris Johnson went to various departments of government and at different times to answer questions from delegates about the facts that prove “leadership and judgment failures,” according to Gray. However, the head of the Conservatives did not consider these repairs to the extent that he rushed to the exit door. The first word of his speech “Sorry”,“ Sorry, ”but to prove that he understood Gray’s recommendations, he went on to list the administrative reforms he would like to introduce in the Downing Street operating system. “I understand, I’ll fix this,” Johnson promised.

The protest began as usual with the words of Labor leader Khair Stormer, who focused precisely on the point the chief executive did not want to hear, but it is in the report and it is difficult for him: the police are investigating on suspicion that 12 meetings on Downing Street may have been involved in a crime. “I have no doubt the Prime Minister is under criminal investigation.” Stormer recalled two difficult dates to explain: a banquet of 100 people (about 40 attended) on May 20, 2020, and another, on November 13 of that year, at Johnson’s residence.

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November 13 is important because in December 2021 Johnson told parliament that “no matter what happens, I hope all the rules are respected.” This happened after receiving a simple “no” answer to the question of whether or not there was a party on Downing Street on 13 November 2020: “Can the Prime Minister explain?” On the same day, another party in Johnson’s apartment was also under criminal investigation, according to Cray’s statement. But Boris Johnson’s wife, Gary, denied through a spokesman that the couple had no meeting or party that day at the apartment where they live with their children. That is, on November 13, 2020, there were only two incidents that could have been criminal.

Stormer said he did not resign because Johnson was a “shameless” man and that by allowing the situation to continue he would be harming the country and all its ministers. “I can not count the number of times I have said that the dishonesty of this Prime Minister is somehow accounted for in his conduct. It does not count for anything in behavior and character.”

After Stormer, but on the Conservative side, criticism of former Prime Minister Theresa May resounded. The report shows that Downing Street did not follow the rules imposed on other people. The Prime Minister thought that the rules were wrong and that they would not apply to him. What is it? “He asked.

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The leader of the Scottish Nationalists withdrew from the House of Commons

Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP, pro-government), was expelled from parliament for refusing to exclude from his speech the section where Boris Johnson accused him of being a liar. Precisely for the reasons behind this “partygate” scandal: when a minister lies in parliament, he may be removed from office, knowing that he is lying. “The prime minister deliberately misled parliament,” Blackford said. Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, asked the MP to change the wording to “careless”, but she refused to do so. “Lies and lies”, reinforced the leader of Scottish independence in Westminster. He was taken out of the room.

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