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Veloforte Natural Endurance Nutrition

£6.99 www.veloforte.cc/

If, like me, your idea of outdoor energy food is 4-for-a-pound chocolate bars, then you’re in for a treat. Both the Veloforte Mixed Bites (pictured) and the Bars are delicious and chock full of energy… my own personal favourite being the Di Bosco, a sort of ultrachewy Christmas cake creation. They are all based on varieties of the Tuscan specialty Panoforte, a slow release mix of fruit, nuts and spices. Apparently, Roman Legionaires were powered by the stuff on long marches, but now cyclists (and trekkers – I took mine to Spain in the summer) use it to stay ‘bonk free’ on endurance missions. I have no scientific proof that it works, but it certainly feels like it does – without the heartburn or indigestion that can accompany too much trailmix, or the crippling crash that can come with too many fast-release sugary bars. So much so, I’ve just put my money where my mouth is and ordered more to replace the review selection I was sent. Healthy hipster trail snax? In this case, sign me up!

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern