French president says Europe is “destructive” and “could die” – Executive Digest

French President Emmanuel Macron said today that Europe was “destructible” and that it could either “die” or be “reduced”.

“We must be clear today that our Europe is mortal and it may die,” Macron said.

And he continued: “It depends on our choices, but these choices must be made now”, because “in the next decade, (…) there is a risk of being weakened or pushed”.

At a time when his party appeared to be struggling against the far-right Coalition Nationale in the polls, Macron proposed developing a “strategic concept for credible European security” in the face of external threats, particularly from Russia.

Calling for a “European cybersecurity and cybersecurity capability,” he supported “a European willingness to purchase military equipment” and supported the idea of ​​a European loan to finance this defense effort.

The French head of state called on the EU to “regain control of its borders” and “take responsibility for them”, a move that strongly appeals to right-wing voters.

He proposed “a political framework” at the European level that would allow decisions to be taken on “immigration, the fight against organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking and cybercrime”.

According to a poll on the June 9 European elections published last Friday, the Presidential Majority List, with 19%, is far behind the far-right Coalition National List (29%), but maintains a clear advantage over the Socialists. (12%).

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