North American support allows Ukraine to “breathe a sigh of relief” but won't be a “panacea” for winning the war – The Observer

This Wednesday, while enacting the aid package, Joe Biden announced, “In the next few hours”, Ukraine already receives military equipment and ammunition from the United States. “We will start sending equipment for air defense, artillery, rocket launcher systems and combat vehicles,” the North American president explained.

However, it will take some time to get a complete idea of ​​where the $61 billion will go. To the Observer, Mikhail Poliansky, Member Think tank The peace research institute in Frankfurt and an expert on Russian politics and European security argues that the North American aid package will fill major gaps on the ground. “This assistance could include various forms of military support, such as weapons, ammunition and training. This could significantly strengthen Ukraine and halt Russian advances.

According to a Russian expert living in Germany, the shortage of ammunition is currently the most serious problem facing Ukrainian troops. These 61 billion dollars will give Ukraine an opportunity “Stop Ration Ammunition”As it did in “recent months,” due to shortages: “Ukraine has recently begun to actively use HIMARS systems. News that the aid package has been approved.”

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