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He was one of Russia's richest political leaders and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. This Tuesday, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov was detained after Russian intelligence agencies accused the 48-year-old politician of “taking bribes.”

Details of detention are scarce. The Russian commission's memo did not provide any explanation for the bribery in question. “Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Timur Vadimovich Ivanov was detained on suspicion of committing an offense provided for in Article 290, Paragraph 6 of the Russian Criminal Code,” one of the organization's Telegram accounts said.

According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, the deputy minister was present, this Tuesday, at a meeting of the Ministry of Defense chaired by one of Vladimir Putin's most trusted leaders, Sergei Shoigu. He was detained on account of “bribery”, the release said It indicates that it will be more than one million rubles (about 10 thousand euros). If convicted, the 48-year-old could face up to 15 years in prison.

Timur Ivanov has been in his role since 2016 Responsible Management of military assets, including construction of new housing for armed forces. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has sufficient powers to acquire real estate and order work, including in the premises of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. He also heads the Army Medical Department.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu have already been informed of Timur Ivanov's arrest, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The scene of heavy fighting in May 2022 when the city of Mariupol was completely destroyed after it was occupied by Russian troops. The investigative portal The Insider found that Timur Ivanov earned millions of rubles in Mariupol. A construction company attached to the Ministry of Defense (controlled by the deputy minister) built several buildings in the city before the start of the conflict, using a private company called Olimpcitystroy as the main contractor.

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The destruction of Mariupol proved to be an excellent opportunity to build a large number of buildings. According to The Insider, Timur Ivanov even visited the city to see how the work was going. Sergei Krabrik, a former contractor who worked at the Ministry of Defense, told the investigative portal that “no one knows how long Mariupol will stay” under Russian training. “Why build if it can be controlled again? [pela Ucrânia] Or bombed? But the money was allocated and spent. In general, war is a great time for military contractors.

To The Insider, Timur Ivano's former friend describes him as “a lover of the good life.” “When the war is lost and Putin's regime is weakenedIt is enough that Taimur stole for generations in Maribul.

This former friend describes the deputy defense minister as “pro-Western”. Therefore, if Russia loses the war, he has no doubt that Timur Ivanov will flee to the West, where he will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Although Timur Ivanov was admitted by the European Union in October 2022, this pro-Western attitude also manifested itself in the lifestyle of his ex-wife and current partner, who traveled to France after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Four months ago, she got divorced. Svetlana Zakharova, so she can escape obstacles. However, the couple will stay together.

In April 2023, the Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by prominent Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, condemned Svetlana Zakharova as an example of “extremely Russian glamor” that “displayed wealth”: “Diamonds, [casacos] Fur, Rolls Royce – she has that and more.

One of the videos revealed by the Anti-Corruption Foundation shows Svetlana Zakharova at a party at a ski resort in the French Alps in March 2023. In reactionMany protesters took to the streets of Paris to demand that the EU tighten its grip on sanctions applied to Russian leaders.

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In your personal life, Timur Ivanov was still friends with the Kremlin spokesman And Dimitri reportedly gave Pesco a watch worth 85,000 dollars (about 80,000 euros). Still agree With an investigation published by the Anti-Corruption Foundation, TheThat amount is half of what the head of the Russian presidency earns in a year.

Russian edition of Forbes magazine In 2019, Timur Ivanov's family was considered one of the richest among the Russian political elite, worth 13.6 million rubles.

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