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Vango Folding Stove

£30 www.dofe.org/shopping/dofe-expedition-kit-list/

The hardest thing about setting up this folding stove from Vango was getting it out of the retail cardboard box! Once extracted, the stove is contained in a very nice tough textured hard plastic box in bright orange – so it will stay safe whilst being transported. Setting it up on its legs takes seconds and once you’ve connected the O ring to a standard 230g butane-propane mix gas cartridge you are away. It will take a 7” pan comfortably – and larger of course, but with some overhang. The burner provided an equal and constant flame, but without the presence of a piezo ignition, your own choice of lighter is needed. It’s able to heat a 1 litre of water in around 5 minutes.

► Verdict: Basic, but does what it says on the tin – which is what you need in a stove.

► Best for: Lightweight wild camping expeditions.

Review by DofE participant Alannah White