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Vango Corvus Auto 100


Weighing an admirable 55g, the Corvus Auto 100 takes part of its name from its most interesting feature: an infra-red activated on/off mode. Click the right-hand button on the unit and you enter this “auto” mode, where the torch is turned on and off by waving your hand within a few inches of your face. Vango claims this is for use when your hands are “dirty or wet” – a need I’ve never felt, but it’s pretty fun to use, nevertheless. Elsewhere the torch is very well featured for the price. The left-hand button scrolls from a 100 lumen high power mode to a low power mode to a night-vision-preserving red light, the housing is quick and easy to unclip to replace the 3xAAA batteries and the broad, comfy head strap is easy to adjust and fitted with a non-slip lining. The tilt is only three-way and the burn time varies from 7hrs to a very modest 50hrs on one battery set. It’s not as slickly designed as some, but still hard to fault for the price.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel