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Ultimate Performance Performance Headtorch


There’s very little to say about the Performance: it’s as basic as headtorches get. A simple stretch strap connects to a tiny LED housing. Unscrew it to fit two CR2016 batteries, screw it back up and in the final turn the light will activate. That light will burn for around 16hrs and create a small disc of light ahead of you – focused by a non-adjustable magnifying lens. Aside from a crocodile clip on the housing to attach it to a bit of your tent or bike or finger, and a 90-degree angle adjustment… that’s it. It weighs a tiny 25g and costs very little money, although the output is correspondingly meagre in comparison to pricier alternatives. If you’re looking for the lightest possible option for very occasional emergency use then it could be just what you need.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel