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Suunto 5 – Editor’s Choice




£299 www.suunto.com

This watch has all the benefits of a high-end piece of tech, and seemingly without the weaknesses. The app is very intuitive to use, so setting it up was fast and easy. The GPS kicks in immediately when starting an activity and is very accurate, and the navigation feature was excellent. The watch face is subtle and stylish, so you don’t notice its presence on your wrist, and it doesn’t get caught on clothing or bag straps. The soft rubbery strap is easy to adjust, even on the move, and gives a comfortable fit. USB charging is simple with a strong magnetic clip that attached to the watch. The battery life is excellent, going for days without needing a recharge, even after using the GPS regularly. You can also choose different modes to save power and ensure you don’t run out at a critical time. This watch offers an abundance of features for almost every activity, it is smart and sleek, yet understated.

▶Verdict: A superb piece of tech, easy to use and with a reasonable price tag.

▶Best for: Perfect for almost everything.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70