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Sub Zero Factor 1 Plus – Editor’s Choice




£45 www.subzerostore.co.uk

Aimed at colder conditions, the Factor 1 Plus boasts a number of impressive features that mark it out from the majority of competing baselayers. First of all is the seamless body. Made possible by circular knitting machines, it allows for muscle group-targeted stretch, mesh and ribbed zones to be built into the chest and abdomen area – something which is quite apparent the moment you slip it on, as the stretchy cosseting makes you feel a little bit like a rippling superhero. Secondly you have the use of Polyamide fabric, which is judiciously portioned to be both extremely effective at heat retention and very quick wicking in hotter conditions too (as well as superbly comfortable). Thirdly you have the range of 11 eclectic colours (mine’s a kind of neon lime) that help it achieve a little more character than your average black undergarment. Having worn a Sub Zero Factor 1 Plus through a number of winter seasons I’ve found it an extremely effective baselayer (though it’s just a little too heavy for high summer use, even when worn alone) and for the mid-range price it’s impossible not to recommend eagerly.

VERDICT: An innovative and highly capable choice for cooler conditions.

BEST FOR: Mountain sports.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel