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Snugpack Scorpion 2


A semi geodesic and freestanding design means the Scorpion is one of the burliest here, but resistance to man-handling, wet and wind comes at a cost. The pole system is a bit of a faff to work with, but once in place, along with the extensive guylines, this stood up to Scottish winter snows with ease – well outside our 3-season remit. However, compared to others here it did feel a little overbuilt. It’s heavy and bulky to carry, the 210t ripstop fly is extremely thick and generates a good deal of condensation, and inside it’s not the roomiest. Even at 5’8 I found it a little short. Given the internal size, I also wanted a bigger porch, especially when sharing. It pitches fly first and it’s a really tough little number, but overall I think with higher quality (and lighter) fabrics and lighter components this could be really good, and still bomber. Weight 2650g


Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd