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Smith Optics Rover MIPS Helmet

£129 www.smithoptics.com

I’m quite fussy about helmets. Fit is everything – in terms of both comfort and safety. And as a result, I’ve really only worn one brand for years. So I was pleasantly surprised to slip the Rover on for the first time and discover that it fitted really well.

It would be fair to say the Rover is aimed at all-round trail riding – what most of us do most of the time. The coverage is about perfect – enough to feel reassuring when the going starts to get technical, yet not as much as its more gravity-fuelled stable-mate, the Forefront.

I’d like to say it’s a nice-looking helmet, but the test sample was only available in black – not a colour I would choose personally for aesthetics or for safety. There’s a wide range of more feminine colours available though, so I wouldn’t mark it down on this.

From a safety perspective, the chin strap plus cradle adjuster provide a solid secure fit, and it features MIPS technology (see David’s review of the Bell 4Forty for a technical overview of this important development).

It’s a well-vented lid, something that those who run hot will appreciate on the climbs. The padding isn’t as plush as it is in some helmets though – good from a breathability/heat-management perspective, but it may feel a little harsh at first depending on what you’re used to.

I didn’t test this lid wearing goggles, but I try with a variety of glasses, all without issue.

► Verdict: A reassuringly sturdy yet comfortable helmet.

► Best for: All round MTB rides of all lengths.

Review by Steph Duits