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Sealskinz MTB Thin Mid Hydrostop – Editor’s Choice




£39.00 www.sealskinz.com

Waterproof socks have turned my winter mountain biking from a grueling sufferfest in to an enjoyable mud party. Its still messy, but I can feel my feet.  This model is light enough to wear under snug SPDs, but thanks to the merino lining still warm enough for medium length rides. The waterproofness is thanks in part to the Hydrostop seal around the cuff that grips the leg and stops water from coming in the top. This can be a bit uncomfortable, so I prefer not to wear them on long rides without some sort of liner underneath. Oh and I know these are supposed to be for mountain biking but not only have I been wearing them on my road bike but I’ve been running and hiking too.

VERDICT: The answer to cold feet on winter rides.

BEST FOR: Anything that involves sploshing about like a happy child. 

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider