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Sea to Summit X31 Set

£90 www.seatosummit.co.uk

This is a really useful addition to the kitchen and looks smart too. It’s a set of 2 cups, 2 bowls and a larger bowl, made from food grade and heat resistant silicon. The larger of the bowls is a massive 2.8l capacity, has an aluminium base and can be used to cook with, providing the flame is directly underneath. The entire set is collapsible and nests nicely inside the larger bowl, which also collapses. In addition, there’s a sieved lid to drain rice or pasta. The bowl handles then wrap around the lid to lock it all together. Together, it weighs just over 600g.

It’s all super user friendly and very colourful, although care needs to be taken with sharp eating implements – I have managed to puncture one of the sides of a cup stirring some soup with a metal spork. It cleans well and doesn’t retain the taste of previous meals, as long as you use hot water.

► Verdict: Not cheap, but nicely made and very packable kitchen kit.

► Best for: Campervans, backpacking, cycle touring and family camping.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern