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Sawyer Mini Filter System – Best Buy




£29.95 www.sawyer.com

Sawyer mini’s have become a popular choice for UK backpackers in the last few years, and using this simple, small and lightweight system it’s easy to understand why. It’s rated to filter 100,000 gallons of water of bacteria and protozoa (not viruses) through a 0.1 micron barrier, is field maintainable and uses no batteries. We’re supplied with the small filter unit itself, a bag, a syringe for backflushing in case of blockage, plus a straw. Operation couldn’t be simpler – just fill the bag with dirty water, screw on the filter, squeeze and drink. Part of the beauty of this is it’ll work with any water container at all – regular platy bottles, third party hydration bladders, or even a cooking pot or from the source if you use the straw provided. That’s useful for us commercial users, but invaluable for the emergency and charity work that the company is involved in worldwide. It’s tiny, simple to use and lightweight at about 70g. No brainer.

VERDICT: Small, light, simple, inexpensive and versatile.

BEST FOR: Multiday trips where weight and bulk is a factor. Hydration where there is no virus threat.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd