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Princeton TEC Fuel


The Fuel is robust and straightforward to use – coming with just four light modes. These range through high, medium, low and strobe settings for its line of four white LEDs. Powered by a trio of AAAs the output reaches up to a standard 70 lumens and burn times are good, ranging up to 146hrs in the lowest mode. As with the Vizz, the battery casing is opened using a plastic edge on the head band adjuster – but in this case simply to pop open an otherwise fiddly and stiff catch. The main button, likewise, is quite stiff to activate and does prove slightly difficult to a gloved hand. Its 78g of weight are easily handled by the decent and easily-adjustable head strap, and the full 90-degrees of (rather stiff, naturally) tilt are welcome. Overall it’s perfectly appealing for the price, but some more user-friendly competitors do the same job with more features and better all-round aesthetics and design.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel