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Primus Omnilite Ti – Editor’s Choice






The Omnilite is the only multi-fuel stove tested here and what a great bit of kit it is – especially if you’re likely to be cooking on treks or expeditions as well as on UK backpacks. It’s light – just 225g for stove and fuel line – and it runs on pretty much anything from butane/propane gas canisters, through petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin, and even aviation fuel. I tested it using gas, as it’s clean, easy to use and readily available in the UK, and was impressed by the performance – it quite literally roars under full steam. I managed just under 3 minutes boil time for 0.5L without using the supplied windshield, I have few doubts it would have been a lot faster with it. It simmers well – a bonus for expedition style cooking – and is also really stable. Comes as a kit, with a fuel bottle, bag/case, wind shield and jets for different fuels, which are easy to change but are small so need careful looking after. It’s a lot of money for a stove, but it will feed a large group just about anywhere in the world, and it will no doubt last too.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding