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Primus MicronTrail

£35-£60 (depending on version) www.primus.eu

The latest canister top gas stove from Primus is available in three models to suit all purses. The highest specification includes a piezo lighter and built in regulator that helps make the most of fuel efficiency, especially when burning gas in cold climates. The MicronTrail is pleasingly lightweight at 94g, and compact, just 68mm high. Despite this it has wide and stable pan supports. When packed away it folds in to itself and comes with a handy storage bag. When lit, the flame is tall and powerful, but like all stoves of this design is best used in a sheltered area and with a windshield. A cheaper version without the regulator is available, as is an entry-level version that also lacks the piezo ignition. I think the regulator is awesome and worth the investment, although I’m not bothered about having a piezo – I find them unreliable in any stove and always carry another means of making a spark.

VERDICT: An efficient, lightweight canister top stove.

BEST FOR: Adventures where weight and pack size matter.

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider