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Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Kit

£75 www.msrgear.com/ie

This is the updated version of the famous mini burner in a bundle for solo cooking. Also included here is a 750ml aluminium pot, a plastic lid with sieve and heat resistant handle, a plastic beaker which can be used as a secondary receptacle, and a mini pot handle. I’ve not had to bother much with the last item, as the top 1/3 of the cooking pot has a rubber ring around it, which seems heatproof enough to hold while stirring one’s food or enjoying a hot drink. It is handy for sieving extra liquid however. 

The burner is 12g lighter than the previous iteration, slightly more compact and is still a simple and rugged build, without a piezo ignition – so one less thing to go wrong. Performance wise, outdoors it’s difficult to judge due to widely varying conditions, but burn times seem very competitive with similar stoves. About 3 minutes to boil 600ml is more than acceptable for a canister top unit, although an essential item not included is a windshield. You’ll need to protect the flame from wind if you want to get the best from it. The legs fold out to support other pots if need be – so it’s versatile, and you can even simmer on it, unlike many faster units.

The pot is taller rather than wide and a small gas canister will nest inside as well as the stove, so this is perfect for a weekend away when you want to keep fuss to a minimum. It’s a really simple system, and the slender profile makes it great for bikepacking bags as well as slipping into the top lid of a rucksack for crafty brew stops.

► Verdict: Simple, rugged, effective, not too expensive, and smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor.

► Best for: Shorter or more minimalist trips, bikepacking. 

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern