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Petzl Nao


Once you’ve recovered from that price tag, you’ll probably want to hear about how the beefy 187g Nao justifies it. It’s down to two factors: “Reactive Lighting” and its recharging powers. The latter is self-explanatory, thanks to the 2600mAh lithium-ion battery pack at the rear of the head strap – which you simply detach and plug directly into a USB slot or charger. The former is thanks to a light sensor above the dual LEDs, which varies the output of the torch dependent on the needs at that moment – thus saving energy. So, it’ll lower its output in your tent and increase it when you’re outside looking across to the other side of the campsite. It can also operate in fixed power modes and you can programme in your own preferences too via your computer. Output varies from 7-575 lumens and burn time ranges from 90mins to 12.5hrs depending on how economical you wish to be. It’s a daunting process at first, but the system works well, the output is massive when needed, the strap and fitting are moderately comfy and it’ll cover all bases from hillwalking to trail running and mountain biking. Hence the price.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel