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Panda Optics Cobalt Magnetic Goggles – Best Buy




£119.00 www.pandaoptics.co.uk

I was really taken by the design of the Panda ski goggles, as seen worn by Britain’s best ever female Alpine ski racer, Chemmy Alcott. The Cobalt model was launched earlier in 2019 and adds a little more spec and style. Most importantly, the two lenses – one for low light and another for bright sunshine, really work well in their respective conditions. The low light lens, tinted yellow, nicely brings out the contrasts in the snow, and even during the foggiest day I wore them, I found my way down without too many balance issues. If you’re like me and really suffer from vertigo in bad light then at least it’s a bonus, if only a small one. One downside for me is that they don’t fit over my specs well enough and pull away from my face when I remove them; but on the other hand, they also don’t fog up easily, which is a massive issue for me normally when wearing glasses underneath and that compromise is well worth the tighter fit. Changing the lens is remarkably quick and easy, it literally took me a matter of seconds once I got used to it, the magnetic frame holding them in place securely.

► Verdict: Style and substance packaged up with a Panda design.

► Best for: Everyone – save the sunglasses for the après and use goggles instead.

Review by Rob Stewart