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Odlo Women’s Active Spine Light Base Layer T-Shirt

£60 www.odlo.com

This base layer is designed to improve your posture during sporting activities to improve your oxygen intake and reduce muscle fatigue. There is an elastic frame printed across the back and shoulders which hugs your upper body. I didn’t notice any difference in muscle fatigue, but you will notice the material tightening if you hunch or bend and I found this made me more conscious and led to less slouching when I was wearing it. However, over time I became a little desensitised to it. The mesh fabric is light and breathable, drying quickly if you get sweaty. It also feels incredibly soft and comfortable next to your skin. The trade-off for having a snug frame reminding you about your posture is that the lower section of the t-shirt feels rather tight and unforgiving around your belly, I certainly didn’t look like the models in the promotional material. The t-shirt is produced from synthetic fibres, and it does hold some odour, but it washes well at 40°C and retains its shape.

▶Verdict: An interesting innovation that you can feel working.

▶Best for: Any sport where good posture is important.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70