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Odlo Bottom Brief Performance Light Pants – Best Buy




£20 www.odlo.com

These smooth, soft pants are very comfortable to wear and feel luxurious next to the skin. They have a wide waist band which prevents any chafing from a rucksack hip belt. They stretch well with movement, covering the buttocks adequately, and retain their shape and elasticity after a few days consecutive wear on expedition. There is no serious VPL thanks to the flat lock stitching and stretch fit. The pants have a very wide gusset, compared to other knickers, which you don’t feel while wearing them, but I found panty liners did get scrunched up because of this. They come with a large wad of labels which had to be cut out but washing on my standard 30°C cycle meant they stayed fresh and retained their shape.

▶Verdict: A comfortable piece of underwear.

▶Best For: Any occasion, both sports activities and day-to-day wear.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70