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Nordisk Oscar -2 – Editor’s Choice




£260 (L) £270 (XL)

I admit to a double take when I saw the figures. First the price, it’s mad for a synthetic bag – but then this isn’t an ordinary synthetic, and the people that it is designed for aren’t doing ordinary things. Next the weight… at 790g (L) it’s light by any standards, regardless of fill or temperature rating, and Nordisk say it has a comfort limit of -2°C, whilst comfort is described as optimal at +4°C. So do these figures stack up? Well, yes actually. I tested the bag at around +2°C wearing a set of base layers, and was very much ok. I normally find every cold spot and shiver away while others sweat. Nordisk have achieved this by using the lightest, 7D nylon shell and have filled it with superb quality recycled polyester fibres. They’ve distributed the fill intelligently, with more on top and around a carefully sculpted footbox. They’ve also eliminated the extras – there is no neck baffle, which I miss a bit, and a short zip, which is no problem at all. The hood is flat and one dimensional, with a skinny draw cord to cinch it in. I struggled to get a snug fit around my face at first but I succeeded eventually. It comes in two sizes, L is the standard version, but actually quite long at 215cm, XL is huge at 230cm. So who would pay a “down bag price” for a synthetic bag? Sailors, kayakers and adventurers heading to extreme environments where wetness is a concern will be interested in this ultra light, moisture friendly bag.


Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider