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Nixon Mission

£339 www.nixon.com

The just-released Nixon Mission is an Android smartwatch that’s built and designed for outdoor use. It’s essentially an extension of your smartphone, and you’ll need to keep the two connected via bluetooth and sync all of their vital apps and accounts in order to unlock its full functionality. The reward is that you can then talk to it whilst it’s on your wrist and ask for directions, weather updates and more, and also use it to control music playback, monitor sports activities of all shades and even remotely set off your phone’s camera capture button. Its outdoor design is considerable, with in-built GPS, a live display of surf and ski conditions (both great if you live on the US west coast, perhaps only the former truly useful in Britain) on the screen and full water and shock proofing – the microphone even has a Gore-Tex membrane built in. Some (including myself) find wearable tech overwhelming, as in many ways it’s simply a wrist-based middle-man between yourself and your phone and has the same limited battery life too. I also found the Mission a little laggy at times. Still, there’s no denying it’s an impressive gadget and groundbreaking in the outdoor sphere.

VERDICT: Wearable tech that will survive outdoor abuse.

BEST FOR: Technophiles.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel