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Nigor WickiUp 3 SUL


Another centre pole design, this has become my ‘go to’ family tent for myself, my partner and our 2 year old. Inside it’s very secure and roomy, there’s just enough room for an adult to stand (or at least ‘stoop’), and the build quality of both inner and outer is fantastic. The flysheet fabric doesn’t need seam sealing and can even ‘self repair’ given the odd thorn or bramble. With all guylines deployed, I’ve found the extra sides to be better at shedding wind than a traditional 4-sided pyramid, although it’s not quite as easy to pitch on uneven ground. This can be erected inner or outer first, or just used as a fly outside of bug season. Ventilation is via top vents, and damp isn’t a problem in such a roomy shelter. The only catch is the inner is flush to the outer, even at the door side, which means there isn’t a porch to dump wet gear, or cook in. However, you can peel back the door side of the inner if you don’t mind some loose fabric, and this won’t affect the stability of the shelter. Comes complete with pole, I love the space and versatility of this for family outings or for wet winter trips where I know I’ll be spending a lot of time inside. Weight 1980g


Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd