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Muckboot Hale

£50 www.muckbootcompany.co.uk

Although the price might seem a little high for an at-best single year of use product, it’s hard not to admire the quality of the Hale boots. Unlike some children’s footwear these simply look like an adult product, but in miniature. There’s a neatness of design to the whole package from the thick, sturdy but relatively light soles to the comfy neoprene upper to the tasteful colour scheme. The three-year-old was a huge fan from the off and consequently I had to delay her wearing them outdoors for a little while as she gained so much joy from running around the flat with them on from the moment she first woke up. Their snug fit did prove a little troublesome in terms of her independently putting them on and pulling them off, but that’s really the only downside. Otherwise they’re tall and well-built enough for the wettest and deepest of puddles. They’re available in a good variety of sizes, so if yours is also a fan new pairs through the ages shouldn’t be hard to obtain.

VERDICT: Expensive, but at least as high quality as an adult equivalent.

BEST FOR: Proper puddle splashing.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel and daughter