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MSR WindBurner – Editor’s Choice




£120 www.windburnerstove.com

This was the fastest stove on test, boiling up 250ml of water in 1:43 – quicker than any other unit I’ve yet used. That’s no surprise, as the WindBurner packs a lot of impressive features into its 473g of stove. Chief amongst them is the heavily shielded burner and heat exchanger which performed consistently excellently in the low ambient temperatures of winter or the moderately windy conditions in which I dared use it (MSR claims the stove is “impervious to outside conditions”). Just as impressive is the pressure regulator, which helps coax fuel out of an emptying canister and keeps the performance impressively smooth and steady and reduces sputter. It’s not petite, but the insulated cosy and handle are aesthetically pleasing, while the additions of a 360ml plastic cup/bowl at the base and a solid canister stand are welcome. It’s simple and sturdy to assemble and, when stacked up inside the pot, the stove elements and a 100g canister generate only a slight amount of rattle in transit. Well worth the high price.

VERDICT: An industry-leading stove that tackles tough conditions with ease.

BEST FOR: Climbers and alpinists.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel