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MSR Reactor 1.0L

£160 www.msrgear.com

The Reactor came second only to the WindBurner in the speed tests, boiling 250ml of water in 2:15. It’s best to think about it as a leaner, more brutal version of its MSR brand brother – with all the positives and negatives that conveys. It weighs just 410g, and for that you get the extremely efficient and fierce radial burner (complete with MSR logo in the flames) and great windproofing thanks to the comprehensive shielding of the pot. There’s no cup/bowl attachment or hand cosy, but the simplicity of the design is appealing in their absence. The pot sits solidly on the heat exchanger, the rubber-handled lid and folding handle are the height of functionality, and the design – judging from my four-years-and-counting of testing – is bombproof. The only niggle comes with stacking a canister and the heat exchanger into the pot, which is slightly less than elegant due to the protruding control knob and handle. However, once in it rattles very little in transit.

VERDICT: A premium stove with a premium price – but it’ll last years of hard abuse.

BEST FOR: Prolonged year-round mountain use.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel