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MSR Pocket Rocket


The Pocket Rocket has been around a while now, yet it’s still up there competing with the best – a true classic. It is simplicity itself – a small, very light stove that packs into a light but sturdy plastic case. It has glove-friendly adjustment and that’s about it. In action, it produces plenty of power but is very susceptible to wind, so best used with a wind shield for quick boil times. Without one, I went over 4 minutes for 0.5L of water. And the pan supports are small, so it’s not particularly stable. At 85g, it’s by far the lightest stove tested and this will win it plenty of fans. Obviously add in the weight of a pot (and maybe a wind shield) when comparing it to the solo cooking systems. Definitely one for the lightweight fans.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding