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MSR Carbon Reflex 1 Ultralight Tent

£440 www.msrgear.com

This is the most spacious ultralight tent I have used. It has an incredible size to weight ratio, packing down to a compact 43x13cm which easily fits into most rucksacks, even a small day sack. It only weighs 0.66kg thanks to the lightweight material, slimline pegs and carbon poles. The inner is put up first, which isn’t great if it is raining as the inside gets wet. Otherwise, it is quick and easy to erect. The interior is surprisingly spacious measuring 218x76cm, fitting my air mattress and rucksack inside. It includes a small pocket for key items. The interior height is 81cm, so you can sit up inside if you hunch over a little. There is also a small porch which easily fit boots, cooking equipment and a small pack. Crawling through the porch door on all fours was the only issue because it was quite low. The porch closure was a mixture of Velcro strips and hooks which reduces weight but was a bit fiddly, although worth it for the phenomenally low weight.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70