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Merrell Bare Access XTR

£90 www.merrell.com/UK

The Bare Access is a minimalist, very low-profile trail runner with super low drop – actually, that’s no drop at all – 0 offset between the heel and the toe. This means there’s very little heel cushioning, which translates into a shoe that feels like it has a large amount of arch support. There’s a mesh upper with a small toe rand and the sole is Vibram and is moderately grippy, but the lugs are small and densely packed, so not really cut out for more technical terrain. The forefoot is wide and offers plenty of room for the toes, but the heel lock is still good. The Bare Access is a simple, low profile non-lined shoe that works best on well-kept trails. Weight around 470g per pair.

▶ Verdict: Exceptionally low drop, minimalist footwear. Grip factor 2.5/5

▶ Best for: Light and well-kept trails, park running.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern