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Mammut Wall Guide


The other pair of ‘approach’ shoes in this lineup, the Mammut Wall are appreciably different to the Asolo offering. First, they are much stiffer out of the box, which works better for mountain, but less well for general use. There’s also a good deal more protection than the Asolo – the rubber rand extends to the heel as well as the toe, and there’s more padding in the general build of the shoe, too. I tested the non-GTX version, so eventually that extra fabric does wet out and take longer to dry. The sole is slightly softer and stickier and made from a ‘gripex’ composite, and was very effective on rock. The fit is snug in the toe and slightly wider in the heel, so if that describes your foot shape then these are definitely worth a try. Weight listed as 390g per shoe although my test units were more like 420g.


Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd