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Lifestraw Flex with Gravity Bag

From £39.95 www.lifestraw.com

I found this water purification system simple to use. There are four parts – the bag, filter, tube and cleaning syringe. They fit together easily and quickly, but the whole system is flexible – for example, the filter can used on its own as a straw. I initially stowed the various sections inside the bag to help keep it together on the move, but it packs down small and only weighs just under 200g. Water collection in the bag was easy because of its flexibility, so you can make it work in even the smallest stream. The water flow from bag to bottle was smooth once gravity did its work and you can hang it up and leave it to filter through. The bag holds a generous 4.5 litres.

► Verdict: A flexible and simple method for purifying on the go.

► Best for: Any adventures where you may need to source your own water.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70