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Julbo Looping III

£26 www.julbo.com

Once again in this roundup, the products that keep things simple are the ones that win out every time. These are wraparound sunglasses for kids aged 2-4, supplied with a headband. They sit on the nose either way up and have no fragile hinges to break. My little one has made short work of several pairs of mum and dad’s sunglasses, much to our frustration, but so far these have proved indestructible even in her expert hands! The shape and elastic at the back means they stay on come what may, and they come in a variety of styles and the option to choose either cat 3 (also polarised), or cat 4, which offers more protection for younger eyes. An excellent investment, and unisex, so can be passed on to another sibling.

VERDICT: Tough, well designed eye protection for infants and youngsters. 

BEST FOR: Bright sun, beach holidays etc. 

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd and daughter