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Jetboil MicroMo

£140 www.jetboil.com

We can thank the now-ubiquitous stackable stove design to Jetboil’s 2003 original unit, so no surprise to see them put in a strong showing in this test too. The MicroMo carries a premium price tag, but also bears the specs to support it. I found it boiled 250ml of water in 2:25, putting it well into the top half of the table (although outperformed by both MSR entries). More impressively the whole kit weighs just 367g – which is superb given the focus on comfort and ease of use. The simmer control is particularly impressive, as is a piezo igniter on a stove this light (although on my test unit it was a little catchy). The neoprene cosy and handle are supple and pleasant, while the tight fitting lid and sip/pour-friendly design are welcome nods to real life use. The included canister stand greatly aids stability, while the rather dinky attached 250ml plastic cup is handy enough. Very easy to recommend on all fronts… a shame the MSR WindBurner beats it on all counts except weight.

VERDICT: An unquestionable classic, only slightly hampered by its high price.

BEST FOR: Lightweight summer adventures.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel