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Isbjörn Sun Jumpsuit

£45 www.isbjornofsweden.com/en   

The second item from Isbjorn in this test, it’s a warm weather sun/swim suit with UPF 50 to protect delicate skin from the sun. Arms and shoulders are completely covered, while legs are three quarter length, so perfect for beach or pool holidays. The fabric is thin and stretchy Nylon/Elastane mix (the latter is bluesign approved, therefore a more environmentally conscious choice), and as a result your little terror gets a full range of movement, but it’s more suitable for warmer climates rather than chilly UK beaches. There’s an eyecatching range of colourways and a neck to waist zip at the back for easy removal by the responsible adult.

VERDICT: Simple, well thought out sun suit. 

BEST FOR: Summer holidays in warm weather.  

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd and daughter