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Isbjörn Penguin Snowsuit (For Kids)

£185.00 www.isbjornofsweden.com/en

This one-piece ski suit from Swedish brand Isbjörn was tested by my 8 year old daughter and she absolutely loved it. I did too, because I knew she couldn’t leave her jacket behind anywhere after lunch in a mountain restaurant. Also, the fact it’s one piece just means less chance of snow getting inside. I think it looks great, very smart and the fit is well designed. Technically it’s pretty high-end for a kids ski garment, which can be compromised to keep costs low. It’s hard to justify paying a lot for children’s clothes but then again, they need to stay warm and dry as well, however fast they grow. The two layer outer is solidly waterproof and breathable, with a warm Primaloft inner and there’s some neat features such as the leg reinforcements and under-boot straps that stop the legs riding up. We did break them during a week’s skiing, but spares are included. There’s some nice new colour schemes for this winter apparently and the huge choice of sizes means you can get a perfect fit, plus the arms and legs can expand up to 3cm’s so it will last at least two seasons.

► Verdict: Great looking and long lasting technical one piece ski garment for kids.

► Best for: Kids who love to ski even when the weather gets a little too cold for comfort.

Review by Rob Stewart