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The unique selling point of the STS is the “swipe-to-shine” function – which replaces a traditional button with a pad that you draw your finger across to activate the headtorch’s various lighting modes. It’s an interesting idea, and it’s appealingly simple that you swipe left for white lights (high, medium, strobe) and right for red (high, medium, strobe). However, in use – and even with practice – I found it frustratingly inconsistent. Some strokes work and others don’t, and it doesn’t seem to be down to technique. It becomes harder with gloved hands, too, with a third to a half of swipes achieving no effect. It’s a shame, because otherwise the STS ticks many of the right boxes: the 3x AAA batteries offer 142 lumens at max and a potential 255hrs of burn time on minimum, the strap is comfy and the 45-degree tilt is fine. However, combine the irksome swipe system with a 97g weight and the difficulty of unclipping the housing from the mount (to remove and replace batteries) and it becomes difficult to recommend the STS.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel