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Icebug Mist 2 RB9X Shoes

£120 www.icebug.com

Although not yet a household name in the UK, Icebug is a well-established brand in its native Sweden, making everything from urban footwear to trail and even swimrun shoes. Their USP is grip, and that’s the main strength of the Mist 2 trail running shoes. I first tried them on a coastal running event and since then they’ve been my footwear of choice for any run at all, whether on-road or off, in the woods, on the hills or in the city. The upper is a very breathable mesh design, so there’s no waterproofing at all here, but each shoe only weighs around 280g as a consequence. The real brilliance comes from the sole, which is made from the proprietary RB9X compound. The grip really is phenomenal, whether on wet rock or tarmac or mud, and I’ve never felt as confident with any other footwear. I would have expected durability to be the trade-off, but despite regular and intense use they’re still going strong. I would recommend fitting one of Icebug’s own aftermarket insoles, which increases the comfort greatly but also increase the outlay slightly. Without doubt the best trail running shoe I’ve yet tested for off road running.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel