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Heat Holders Microfleece

£25 www.heatholders.co.uk

Light on the back, skin and wallet, the £25 Microfleece from Heat Holders is aimed solely at colder conditions where you’re unlikely to be producing copious amounts of sweat. The construction is that same familiar mixture of polyester and elastane seen in most synthetic baselayers, but the lofted-up build is much more similar to that of a fleece. The fit is snug, with a basic sternum-length zip allowing a little venting around the neck and when done up it retains an impressive amount of warmth considering its slight build. The amount of stretch in the fabric is pleasing and it feels extremely comfy next to the skin, and although the build quality doesn’t feel truly premium that’s reflected in the price. The downside is that it doesn’t wick away moisture as quickly as alternative baselayers aimed fully at aerobic activities, but stick with it for winter pursuits where you’re either a) likely to spend as much time stationary as not (e.g. wild camping, fishing, skiing), or b) going to encounter very low temperatures (e.g. deep winter mountaineering) and it’ll represent a savvy purchase.

VERDICT: A competitive price for a thermal layer

BEST FOR: Deep winter.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel