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GP Batteries Xplor PHR15 Head Torch

£34.99 uk.gpbatteries.com

This rechargeable head torch comes with a mini USB cable and three rechargeable batteries, which can be swapped for standard batteries if you need a back-up on longer trips. You can also lock it so that you don’t accidentally turn it on in your bag and waste power. Weighing 110g, it has three light levels and an emergency flashing mode that can be changed by a simple push button on the top, which was easy to operate in gloves. It is easy to switch it into its reactive mode with a long push of the button longer in its brightest setting, it then quickly reacts to the light conditions, tailoring the brightness depending on the distance you need to illuminate, conserving power. It apparently lasts for 69 hours at its lowest setting, but this wasn’t very powerful. It seemed to last only a few hours in the brightest and most useful outdoor setting of 300 lumens, and then faded quickly. It only provides a white beam, with no red option to help retain night vision. The head torch’s frame can be adjusted into four fixed positions to help you focus the light where it is needed and the stretchy head strap is easy to adjust, comfortable and it can be removed for washing if it gets sweaty or dirty.

▶Verdict: Reactive, water resistant, rechargeable – full of good features at a reasonable price.

▶Best for: Short adventures in the dark!

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70