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GP Batteries Powerbank

From £29.99 www.uk.gpbatteries.com

This charger from GP is very light and compact. It was quick to charge and provided power for four phones, an iPod, a smart watch, and Bluetooth speaker before it needed more juice. You can charge the unit at the same time as charging your electrical items which is handy for saving time. There are two USB ports to charge from simultaneously and it is supplied with an adaptable cable for both micro USB and USB-C ports. It is very small, almost fitting in the palm of your hand at 13.5x7x1.3cm and only weighs 233g so you can pop it in your rucksack or have items running off it in your tent. There are a variety of cheerful colours to choose from.

► Verdict: Small and mighty, lots of power in a small package.

► Best for: When space is at a premium and you have lots of devices to charge.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70